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Funding raised in Rhine-Main

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Who we are

This website was inspired by the amazing potential of the Rhine-Main startup community and the hard work of all its entrepreneurs. We, the founders of RMI, collect published and unpublished data of inbound venture capital investments in the greater Frankfurt and Rhine-Main area
The founders of RMI are:

Entrepreneurs in Rhine-Main

The entrepreneurs in the Rhine-Main area are more conservative in publishing raised venture capital or for that matter publishing anything. We think this is a disadvantage for the area, especially for its international recognition as a startup hub. Therefore, we aim to publish this data on an anonymized and aggregated basis. world’s first airline, so it is not surprising that it is a fast-growing startup hub, in not only FinTech but also Gaming, Cybersecurity and a variety of other startup sectors call the area home.

The Rhine-Main Area

The area is often overlooked as a startup hub even if it is the second largest software cluster in the world, just behind the Silicon Valley. In addition, it has DE-CIX, the biggest Internet Exchange Point worldwide. Rhine-Main (German writing Rhein-Main) is one of eleven European metropolitan areas, of which it has the 7th largest gross regional product (GRP) of more than 120 bn Euros (2012). This makes this single region playing in the same field as the whole country of Ghana (~ 115 bn Euros GDPin 2016). The area is home to more than 5,8 mn people. Obviously, the strength of this community lies in its decentralization. The whole area has something to offer from the European Space Operations Centre of ESA in Darmstadt to the Financial Hub Frankfurt and the knowledge of the research-heavy universities in Mainz (Nobel Laureates), Darmstadt (the world’s first chair in) and Frankfurt (think Frankfurt School).